A BASINGSTOKE man is preparing to relocate because the bi-weekly bin collections are making his life a misery.

Resident, Charlie, 29, of Churchill Place, says he is sick of the mounds of overflowing rubbish ditched outside his block of flats on Churchill Place.

With over 230 properties on site, residents on the ground floor are suffering the worst from the stench. 

In recent weeks, the mountains of trash has started to tempt rats who have been spotted circling the area.

Charlie told the Gazette: "I have seen three rats chewing on the waste inside the bins.

"The rats are quite big, and there is an awful stench."

The 29-year-old left London in November 2019 to start his new life in Basingstoke.

But he has been left with the "rotten smell" as the bins are only collected every fortnight, instead of on a weekly basis.

Basingstoke Gazette: Charlie spotted three rats nibbling on waste inside the binsCharlie spotted three rats nibbling on waste inside the bins

"It has been going on for over a month since the refuge sacks in the downstairs car park were moved into the visitors car park.

"There is so much waste but it is not being disposed of quick enough," Charlie continued.

There was an emergency collection last Thursday as the bins became unmanageable.

The bins are now full and were only collected last Thursday.

"At least 100 residents are angry, as the smell is disgusting, almost like a landfill.

"The smell is so bad it is making me want to relocate.

"My lease is up in November so I will be looking to relocate if this situation gets worse," Charlie said.

BDBC has been contacted for comment.