Television presenter Maggie Philbin took to Twitter this morning to ask for help.

The Tomorrow's World and Swap Shop star wanted to see if railway passengers boarding a train at Basingstoke or Andover could buy her friend a coffee.

She tweeted to say her friend the journalist Kate Bevan was having a "difficult" day.

The Bang Goes the Theory presenter, who was formerly married to Keith Chegwin who lived in Ashmansworth, wrote: "Twitter, my lovely friend Kate Bevan is on a train facing difficult day.

"Should you happen to board that train destination Exeter St Davids, can you take her a coffee? Calls Basingstoke (10.07) Whitchurch (10.20) Andover (10.27), Gratetely (10.36) Salisbury (10.48)Tisbury11.10." 

Basingstoke Gazette:

The Gazette published an article to alert readers to Maggie's appeal and it was shared dozens of times across Facebook.

However, the intended recipient Kate Bevan shared the news this evening that sadly no one arrived to greet her onboard with coffee.

One Twitter user feared that, due to the popularity of the tweet, that Ms Bevan might be awash with coffee.

Ms Bevan replied: "Unforch (sic), it was not successful but it was a lovely idea!" 

In response, the user joked: "How is the country not doing what Maggie Philbin tells us to? She’s the intimate voice of authority!"