The police are urging parents and carers to be aware about where their teenagers are after a spate of youth violence.

The neighbourhood sergeant for Basingstoke said they have received reports of groups of teenagers hanging around parts of Hatch Warren, causing problems.

Sergeant Taylor said: "We are aware of teen aged groups starting to gather in and around areas including Hatch Warren.

"Sadly, it would appear some individuals in these groups are coming to the notice of the local residents as well as information that there may be crimes between the groups that has not yet been reported.

"We would like to appeal to the parents and carers of teen aged children to be aware of where your child is, who they may be hanging around with and more importantly that they are safe."

It comes after three teenage boys were arrested after a viscous assault on a boy in front of a large group of youngsters.

As previously reported by The Gazette, two were sent to a youth detention centre while a third awaits trial. 

Sergeant Taylor said: "We have, and will continue to deal robustly with any offences of this nature as it is simply not acceptable.

"We would like to take the opportunity to remind you that there are many ways to report crimes.

"First and foremost, if the crime is in action then 999 is most likely the best number to call.
If the crime has taken place, then 101 may be more suitable.

"You can always use the online reporting tool on our website too to save being in a phone queue."

He urged the public to report incidents, adding: "If you don’t tell us, then we just don’t have the opportunity to act.

"We encourage the reporting of any such matter in order that your child and other young people can be safeguarded as well as offences dealt with.

"The regular screening of what your child has on their phone, as when we have dealt with similar cases it has transpired that many events have been recorded and shared on social media.

"By working together, we can pursue those who require intervention and protect those others who need it."