RESIDENTS are up in arms after a Lidl superstore application in Tadley was thrown out by West Berkshire councillors.

Councillors voted against the scheme by a majority of nine to two, citing concerns over the application's green field site.

It was agreed that the application went against the council's planning framework and that the discount supermarket was not 'exceptional' enough to deviate from planning policy.

The decision came as a bitter blow for Tadley residents, with many in favour of the superstore.

Resident, Andy Ramsay, took to the village Facebook page to vent his frustration: "Planning debate on Lidl application has just rejected the proposal - despite overwhelming support, the councillors belong to West Berks, therefore the community in Hants who would have benefited from this build, have little or no recourse to use their democratic power to demonstrate their anger.

"Every argument against was easily and convincingly quashed, but despite this - they decided to use their vote selfishly. Disgusted."

Another resident wrote: "How ridiculous. Tadley is crying out for a different option other than Sainsburys.

"For surrounding people to be listened to over people that actually live in Tadley is illogical and senseless. Morons."

Basingstoke and Deane Borough councillor for Tadley South, Kerri Carruthers, said: "Very frustrating. I am a borough councillor and myself and fellow Tadley councillors and the leader of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council had all shown support but we were not allowed to speak.

"The people voting tonight were not the people who would benefit from this store."