A DOG handler for Hampshire Police is appealing to the public to help find her parents missing tortoise.

Stacy Beale, in her 40s, from Pickaxe Lane, South Warnborough, lost the 8-year-old tortoise, Fred, three weeks ago.

Fred escaped from his run and ventured out of the garden.

She told the Gazette: "Fred belongs to my parents who are in their late 60's and they had planned to pass him on through the family.

"He was originally bought as a wedding anniversary present to them.

"Tortoises can live for over 100 years if looked after correctly.

Basingstoke Gazette: Fred was originally a wedding anniversary presentFred was originally a wedding anniversary present

"It would have been lovely for my daughter (now 3 months) to have inherited him."

"I love his escape antics but normally he doesn't go very far.

"My parents miss him and my daughter is upset that he has vanished."

The dog handler said that as the crops are so high where she lives, it will be hard to find the tortoise as he is only the size of a small dinner plate.

If her parents' tortoise tortoise is found, she hopes Fred will be handed in to Cedar Veterinary Group as he is microchipped and all of his details will come up on the scan.

There is a small reward for his safe return.

If anyone knows about the tortoise's whereabouts, email stacy.beale@hampshire.pnn.police.uk.