A DISTRIBUTION centre has been accused of not storing engine oil correctly after two huge drums were left outside and spotted leaking. 

ScS, the furniture giant based on Telford Road, has come under fire for allegedly leaving the drums exposed to the elements.

The oil is used for ScS's fleet of lorries and distribution vehicle that ship sofas and furniture around the UK. 

A source told The Gazette she was concerned about the environmental impact as the drums, which are around 1m high, have been stored outside without lids. 

Basingstoke Gazette: Two drums were left exposed to the elements, without lidsTwo drums were left exposed to the elements, without lids

And rainfall is causing the oil to seep onto the forecourt. 

A spokesman for the Houndmills company said they would be investigating.  

Speaking to this newspaper, the source said: "It is very irresponsible for the company not to have a spill kit.

"There must be a cover for the rain to stop it getting into the drums or go into the overspill.

"If the oil touches the drains, it could degrade the tyres.

"It's not fair for the environment and has been going on for six months."

Basingstoke Gazette: ScS's Health & Safety team will be investigatingScS's Health & Safety team will be investigating

Sources said the concerns have been raised to management at least seven times in recent months.

An oil spill kit contains protective equipment, apparatus and absorbent mats to help workers clear up the mess. However, the individual said ScS does not have provisions in place.

A spokesperson from ScS said: "ScS is committed to ensuring the safety of all the Group’s sites and staff, and our Health & Safety team will be investigating and rectifying the situation as required."