A Stagecoach South bus driver has been praised for her quick thinking after narrowly avoiding a crash in Basingstoke.

The female bus driver, Bethany Robertson, swerved to avoid a white Audi which was trying to overtake four cars this morning near the Golden Pot, on the outskirts of Alton.

Resident, Kerry Barnes, 48, from Popley, told the Gazette: "I was catching my 8.20am number 13 route from Basingstoke to Haslemere via Alton and there was a white Audi on the wrong side of the road overtaking four cars in one go.

"The bus driver saw what was happening, slowed down and honked her horn furiously.

"We swerved slightly to ensure there was enough room for the white Audi to move into the lane.

"I was alarmed and worried in case there was a nasty crash.

"The driver was giving it some welly, and was travelling at 60mph."

The 48-year-old thanked the bus driver for her "great skill" and "quick thinking".

"This bus driver is well trained and I am glad she had her wits about her.

"It was quite a hairy incident," Kerry added.

Another resident said: "Bus drivers are trained to a very high standard and this obviously reflected in this driver's fast reactions.

"I too use Stagecoach South and have been impressed with the way they run things."

Gordon Frost, Stagecoach South's Operations Director, said: "It's great to be informed of the praise for our driver, Bethany Robertson, for her preventative action to avoid a serious collision.

"We are thankful that her quick thinking action managed to avoid any further incidents and that no injuries were caused to our driver, passengers or other road users as a result."