He is a professional model who has appeared on billboards around the world fronting campaigns for The North Face, JD and Topman. 

But now multi-talented Tyrell Trey, from Basingstoke, has got music on his mind.

The 22-year-old former Brighton Hill pupil has just released his debut single entitled "Worth".

The alternative R&B track, released under independent record label TENNNN, is all about overcoming challenges and was inspired by his desire to tell his story. 

Speaking to The Gazette, he said: "It's all about those walls and roadblocks you hit on your path and how you go about embracing those lessons and not letting them stop you. It's all a part of your journey." 

In the song, Tyrell opens up about being a role model for his younger brother and being raised by his mum.

The takeaway message, he said, is not to let your obstacles make you become negative. 

Basingstoke Gazette:

Basingstoke Gazette:

As well as modelling and writing music, Tyrell is also a singer and performed backing vocals for Stormzy at the Brit Awards.

He described the Blinded By Your Faith hitmaker as a "really nice guy" and said it was a great experience. 

The song Worth came as a result of studio time with Grime legend and producer Jammer, best known through this work as part of the Boy Better Know collective with the likes of Skepta, JME and Wiley. 

He said "everything has fallen into place", after his management got him into record music. 

But writing music is far from a new hobby for Tyrell, who first started creating songs at the age of 15.

The former Queen Mary's College student, who learnt to play the piano at school, said he was inspired by his mother's musical influence of soul records and R&B.

He wrote and released two songs on his own when he was 17 too, so music has been a fixture of his life for a long time. 

Basingstoke Gazette:

Now the former River Island employee is getting a taste of success for himself, as he's been inundated with support for his new song which was only released on July 2. 

"I've had so much love from people, it feels on top of the world. I can't lie," he said. 

The single has already earned itself a write-up on Hip Hop magazine Complex.1

When The Gazette interviewed Tyrell on Saturday, it was clear his friends couldn't have been prouder.

"He is going places. He's been blessed with the looks and an amazing voice," one said.

"He is the nicest guy. His music is going to blow up," another added.

The excitement that a young musician from Basingstoke is on the cusp of something big was palpable. 

Looking ahead to the future, Tyrell said he hopes to make more music but added that for him, it's less about selling physical copies as it is about making people feel moved. 

The 22-year-old said: "When it comes to being that person [who sells a lot of records], you shouldn't always expect it to be all about the numbers. For me, it's all about how you make people feel and making people feel a certain way." 

Speaking previously about how he got into his career as a professional model, Tyrell said he was scouted several times in Basingstoke growing up but he didn't take it seriously until a London model agency offered him a contract in his teens.

He told F******* Young Mag: "I don't remember exactly how I felt but I know for sure I wasn't confident so probably, a bit nervous." 

The world of modelling often means Tyrell has to be ready to go any time - something he said he isn't always prepared for. "I am disorganised," he said. Whether he's known about the job for one day or one month, he says packing will always he left to the last minute. 

Tyrell said regardless, he always carries the essentials: cocoa butter and curling cream for his hair.

He said his future plans are incorporating music with his existing career. "Modelling is where it started and that is where my income is at the moment. But hopefully it's just a case of bringing it altogether as part of an eclectic career." 

You can listen to Worth, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxqHRlfJmtI