Pubgoers flocked to Basingstoke's Wetherspoons this morning as it opened its doors for the first time in four months.

A small crowd queued for The Maidenhead Inn at 7am opening, while adhering to the social distancing policy.

Punters were in high spirits at around 10am. One man said he had really missed visiting the pub during lockdown and was happy to see it reopen.

John Fletcher, who manages the pub, said the scenes were much quieter than neighbouring hair salons and barbers, who saw much longer queues this morning.

Basingstoke Gazette:

The 31-year-old from Popley said: "We had a socially distanced queue. People have been coming in for breakfast.

He quipped: "It’s something when a hairdressers has more of a queue than a pub."

And it isn't just beer customers are after.


John told us people are also ordering bottles of hand sanitiser.

He said the've already sold ten through the app.

Those seeking out their first pub visit post-lockdown described their happiness at the lockdown easing restrictions.

Fred told The Gazette: "It's absolutely brilliant [to see the pubs reopen]. I’m normally in Spoons everyday.

"I was queuing up this morning, ready to get here. There's usually four or five of us [that like to come here together]."

George Calearuse, 40, from Popley, said: “I love being back here. I am very happy for Spoons to be opening after it being closed for so long. It’s a big release.”

Meanwhile pals Lloyd Badhan, Steve Couling, and Adam Delve sought out Spoons to have a post-shopping pint.

They told us: “We had a breakfast and a sneaky pint in Spoons before going suit shopping for a wedding.

"It’s been a long four months and great to be back. We are helping the economy!"