THE DECISION to recommend a compulsory purchase order on part of the Camrose land puts Hampshire County Council "in bed" with Basron, according to a leading official at Basingstoke Town Football Club.

Kevin White, vice chairman of the community club, expressed his disappointed at the decision to give the green light to the Camrose link road project, but said that he was not surprised.

He told the Gazette: " No one is asking for this relief road. Hampshire County Council are going to be spending £3.5 million on it.

"If they have got the pockets for a road that no one is asking for, imagine what they can do if they provide a stadium that everyone is asking for.

"It puts Hampshire County Council in bed with Basron and they need to be sharing some of the costs to ensure that the town gets some of the sporting facilities it is being robbed of."

Basron, who own the freehold for a large part of the former football stadium, currently have two planning applications pending, to develop a care home and 89 dwellings on the site.

Additionally, Hampshire County Council are applying for permission to build a road through the site, which would allow them to close off the Western Way exit onto Brighton Hill roundabout.

Traffic would be instead diverted through the site, and to a signal-controlled junction on Winchester Road.

The link road has seen criticism from many sides, including the ward councillors in South Ham.

Cllr Colin Regan (Labour) says that the road being approved was a "foregone conclusion".

He said: "It takes no account of the residents in Mansfield Road whatsoever. I have flagged this up at consultations.

"The noise and the pollution, I did ask about sound proofing but they just want to put a few trees up.

"The people of South Ham don;t want Western Way blocked off."

With the addition of traffic lights planned for Brighton Hill roundabout, Cllr Regan says that he is unsure what the need to close the Western Way exit is.

He also envisaged a potential stand-off between the county and borough councils - with BDBC currently objecting to the link road on the grounds that there is no alternative for the loss of the football pitch - and that there certainly will be one between South Ham councillors and the county council.

"We support the borough council's objection," Cllr Regan continued.

One potential solution to the issue floated by the South Ham councillor was for Basingstoke council to step in and buy the stadium.

This idea was touted by Cllr Regan, as well as others, at a committee meeting discussing the future of the club last week, whilst councillors are awaiting a report on how they can best support the football club.

The decision by Cllr Humby to progress the £3.5 million scheme is subject to a planning application being approved.