A South ham man has expressed his concern over a recent spate of catalytic converter thefts.

The resident, who wished to remain nameless, has lived in the area for roughly four years now.

He said during that time he has had police knock on his door several times, due to various crimes being committed near where he lives.

"The next door neighbours were broken into last December and several valuables were stolen, culprits were not found," he said.

"The corner shop is being targeted, regularly, latest in April this year and the thieves were not found to my knowledge.

"We have four cameras around our property, our neighbours from both sides and opposite also have CCTV, but it has not prevented us from being targeted in a broad daylight."

The latest incident came on July 1 at about 7.30pm.

"The thieves are so brazen, that they have used fake car plates - CD06 CAT - to advertise that they are stealing catalytic converters," he added.

"They damaged several cars in the area on that night and I do not feel safe."

Just before this latest theft, Hampshire Constabulary issued advice to car owners in Basingstoke following the theft of nearly two-dozen catalytic converter in June.

Since the beginning of last, Hampshire police have had 21 offences reported to them. The thefts have been typically happening in the north and centre parts of town and have been occurring during the day time, often in the afternoon, something police say is unusual.

A police spokesman said: "Thieves steal catalytic converters for the valuable metals they can contain.

"Vehicles with a higher chassis are often targeted, as are hybrid vehicles."

The South Ham man says he isn't alone in his fears either.

"When you go onto Facebook you can read similar stories of people being targeted and culprits not found," he finished.

"Just reading the comments, three people were targeted in Brighton Hill and South Ham area over a period of a few hours. The numbers of victims is most likely much higher."

Have you been a victim of catalytic converter theft? Get in touch by emailing riley.krause@newsquest.co.uk