The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Basingstoke has risen significantly in the past 24 hours.

New data published by Public Health England yesterday (July 2) revealed that Basingstoke had 203 more positive coronavirus cases than previously reported.

These cases are not new however, rather they are ones that were previously not included in the Public Health England data.

Prior to the change, Basingstoke had a total of 735 confirmed Covid cases and that number now sits at 938.

A spokesman for Public Health England said: "The methodology for reporting positive cases changed on July 2, 2020 to remove duplicates within and across pillars 1 and 2, to ensure that a person who tests positive is only counted once.

"Due to this change, and a revision of historical data in pillar 1, the cumulative total for positive cases is 30,302 lower than if you added the daily figure to yesterday’s total."

Until yesterday, only Pillar 1 figures had been published at a local level, but under the new system historic Pillar 2 data will also be included. This accounts for the sharp rise in new confirmed cases.