A Rooksdown mother has praised her local supermarket for helping provide meals for the Basingstoke foodbank.

Hayley Severn, 31, popped by the Morrisons in Worting Road Friday morning where she noticed something a little different.

A trolley full of pre-packaged food with prices already on the bags was sitting in the store.

"I know so many people struggle on how they can help the less fortunate and not everyone knows where to access a list of basic items needed," the stay-at-home mum said.

"Well it's so much easier now.

"Morrisons have pre-bagged some basic essentials and priced up the total. As you can see, it's next to nothing - you won't even notice it on your shopping bill I bet.

"But these items could really help someone else."

The items are part of a 'pick up packs' initiative being carried out at stores across the country.

The idea is that customers can add a bag of their choosing to their own shopping and then donate it to the foodbank.

"Simply grab a bag and take to the till, each item needs to be taken out of the bag and scanned individually but pop them back into the bag and there is a trolley/cage by the end of checkouts," Hayley added.

"I was rushing about this morning and only nipped in for a couple of items so it was lovely to be able to do something to help others and it required no effort at all.

"Please, if you have a couple of pounds spare, consider adding one of these to your shopping.

"My bag today contained oat sachets (porridge), teabags, Ovaltine and dessert whip. How awful must it feel to not be able to afford a few basic items like that."