THIS week the Gazette asked our readers to send in one photograph to summarise their lockdown experience, as Tuesday marked 100 days since the hard restrictions were implemented.

From emotional reunions to tearful separations, it is fair to say the past few months have been an emotional rollercoaster.

March 23 will forever be remembered in history as the day the most draconian measures were implemented on the public in recent times.

Life was temporarily on hold with residents not permitted to leave their homes without an authorised reason.

Readers from across Basingstoke sent in their most memorable moments, from a 70-year-old celebrating her birthday on the beach in the garden, to a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary.

There have been moments of panic too as concerned mother Caroline Wilgar shared with us the time a her daughter got locked in her bedroom with the fire service called out to free her (pictured left).

While resident Jane Carmichael told us she was proud of her daughter for kicking 100 goals and raising £400 for cancer research.

Others got arty. Laura Porter, painted a picture of her home on a pebble, with a rainbow in the background, with the words, “We stayed at home”.

She said there was “no real adventures, but lots of time being together and create in our home, just four of us, my husband and two sons”.

From this Saturday, further unlocking measures will be rolled out as life will slowly start to resemble normality.

Boris Johnson has announced a series of measures to take effect from Saturday including the reopening of hair salons, pubs and restaurants and a reduction in the two-metre rule.

The prime minister said that where it is not possible to stay to metres apart, people should keep a distance of “one metre plus” - this means staying one metre apart, while observing precautions to reduce the risk of transmission.