A BASINGSTOKE mother-of-two has spoken out after her cat was attacked by a sling shot on Searing Way in Tadley. 

Resident, Tina McLoughlin, 42, from Searing Way, said: “I had an early night on Saturday evening and left my bedroom window open and could hear someone making a noise for a cat to come.

“I was gobsmacked and saw two boys stood there and one of them was giving the sling shot at my cat, Jerry. 

"One was pulling the sling shot and stretching it to full capacity.

“I started screaming out the window and the boys fled up the street towards Franklin Avenue.

“They were shooting at Jerry with a sling shot.

"I left the house to rescue Jerry.”

Tina was "disgusted" that her cat was targeted by the youths.

She described one of them wearing black shorts, a black tee shirt and an army camouflage armless body warmer, with a black cap.

The other youth was wearing a blue top. 

A resident wrote on Spotted Tadley's Facebook page: “Wish I was in my kitchen and dressed. I’d have chased them myself honestly!”