A road leading out of Basingstoke has been partially closed this afternoon following a crash.

Taking to Twitter to share pictures of the scene, the Hants Road Policing team wrote: "One lane closed on the A303 westbound at Popham after a car leaves the road in the rain."

One user replied, issuing a warning to anyone else driving at this time.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Credit: Hants Road Policing

The person wrote: "Roads can get surprisingly slippery when wet, and after a prolonged period of dry weather."

Hampshire County Council have previously issued advice on what to do when driving in heavy rain.

That includes:

  • Always use dipped headlights
  • Double the normal following distance
  • Ensure your tyres have adequate tread
  • Aquaplaning means loss of control - try to avoid steering or braking in these conditions - take your foot off the accelerator
  • If you have to drive through floods use a low speed, low gear and keep the engine revs high by slipping the clutch. This will help to avoid water getting into the engine