Shoppers are anxious about pubs reopening across Basingstoke this weekend after they were forced to close their doors due to the Covid pandemic.

The Government ordered pubs to shut on March 20, 2020 as thousands of people were enjoying post-work pints.

But this weekend, pubs across Basingstoke will be allowed to open for the first time since closure.

Some have expressed their "horror" at the thought of public houses reopening.

Ex-barman, Darren Titheridge, 47, from Popley, told the Gazette: "I used to work in the pubs and think it will be a disaster when they reopen.

"I don't see how social distancing will happen.

"It will be like Bournemouth beach and people will get drunk.

"Rubbish and bottles will be left behind.

"I reckon there will be a lot of trouble."

Darren thinks its "too soon" to be reopening pubs and believes there needs to be a "stronger police presence" to stop it kicking off.

He believes the virus will be an endemic, and there will be "more spikes".

But others thought it was about time pubs started reopening across the town.

Steve Letch, 65, from Kempshott, said: "Pubs need to open as everything else is open.

"When it comes to social distancing, it will be a lot more difficult.

"There will be idiots binge drinking on the first night that will spoil everything.

"People will be pent up and go have ten pints.

"If people can social distance then I don't see what the problem is."

But one shopper was put off going back to the pub this weekend.

A housing officer at YMCA, Donna Walsh, 38, from Brighton Hill, said: "Pubs reopening will be alright but there will be loads of people going mad and then it will settle down.

"People will go into pubs and get hammered.

"I won't be going in a pub for a while until it calms down."

Donna thinks that pubs will be "crammed", with queues of people waiting to get inside.

"If people don't social distance, it will make me angry.

"Pubs reopening could cause a spike because people are selfish," she added.