The Gazette has compiled a list of planning application currently awaiting review across all Basingstoke wards.

These applications refer to works regarding homes, business buildings and shops and only include applications submitted since April 24.


20/01350/LBC - Internal wall configurations involving removing some internal walls and replacing with new internal walls in different locations - Andwell Mill Andwell Lane Andwell

20/01258/LBC - Erection of two storey rear extension - Mead House Heather Row Lane Up Nately

20/01221/HSE - Erection of single storey infill extension between garage and utility room - 7 Priory Gardens Old Basing

20/01239/LBC - Replacement of timber floor in living room and removal of fireplace surround in living room - 47 The Street Old Basing

20/01230/HSE - Erection of a single storey rear extension with roof terrace above and external stairs to garden. Alterations to fenestration to include two new external doors - Newnham Edge Tylney Lane Newnham

20/01211/HSE - Erection of pitched roof to garage - 5 Manor Lane Old Basing

20/01213/HSE - Construction of a domestic swimming pool and associated landscaping in the garden of Naishes Barn - Naishes Barn Newnham Road Newnham Hook

20/01199/HSE - Erection of detached garage to include home office - 2 Railway Cottages Basing Road Old Basing

20/01106/HSE - Erection of two storey side extension - 22 Park Lane Old Basing

20/01087/FUL - Erection of a replacement dwellinghouse and detached garage. Associated landscaping works - Doe Farm Newnham Lane Old Basing

Baughurst and Tadley North:

20/01434/FOPD - Erection of a wooden storage shed for forestry equipment and firewood drying/storage. - Birch Island Wood Church Lane Wolverton

20/01411/HSE - Erection of two storey side/rear extension to include single storey rear addition - 50 Whitedown Road Tadley

20/01410/HSE - Erection of single storey rear/side extension to include new pitched roof to garage -16 Bishopswood Road Tadley

20/01369/HSE - Erection of green oak double garage and store with studio over - Old Houses Wolverton Road Axmansford

20/01333/LDPO - Certificate of lawfulness for the proposed part two storey, part single storey rear extension to a depth of 3m. The eaves and ridge will remain at the same height. - 1 Inhurst Cottages Inhurst Lane Baughurst

20/01336/FUL - The erection of 1 no. new dwelling and associated parking (amended scheme to 20/00572/FUL) - Gibbys Farm Browninghill Browninghill Green Baughurst

20/01334/OUT - Outline application for demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 4 no. four bedroom dwellings including access, appearance, layout and scale - Hideaway Heath End Road Baughurst

20/01321/FUL - Demolition of existing outbuildings and stables. Erection of replacement storage barn - Mulberry Hill Violet Lane Baughurst

20/01275/HSE - Erection of single storey front and rear extensions, and two storey side extension following demolition of side store - 24 Wigmore Road Tadley Hampshire

20/01217/FUL - Erection of 1 no. 3 bed dwelling and new access - Land At Inhurst Lane Baughurst

20/01198/HSE - Erection of single storey side extension to replace conservatory - Hill House Haughurst Hill Baughurst Tadley

20/01130/FUL - Erection of 14 no. dwellings and associated parking - Inhurst Cottages Inhurst Lane Baughurst

Bramley and Sherfield:

20/01320/OUT - Outline planning application with access to be included, for the demolition of existing stables and riding arena and the erection of 4 no. dwellings - Land Adjoining The Well House Cufaude Lane Bramley

20/01174/LDEO - Certificate of lawfulness for conversion of the first floor roof void of the existing garage into a study with ancillary kitchen and toilet facilities. - 45 Northfield Road Sherfield-On-Loddon

20/01126/HSE - Erection of first floor side extension with alterations to garage roof and removal of chimney - 2 Longbridge Close Sherfield-on-Loddon Hook

20/01097/OUT - Outline planning application for the erection of 4 dwellings including access - Land Adjacent The Street Bramley

20/01050/GPDADW - Notification of proposed change of use from agricultural building to 4 no. Class C3 dwellinghouses - Land At OS Ref 467658 155782 Moulshay Farm Wildmoor Lane Sherfield-on-Loddon

Brighton Hill North:

20/01372/HSE - Erection of single storey rear and first floor side extensions - 79 Coates Close Basingstoke

20/01338/LDPO - Certificate of lawfulness for the proposed erection of single storey side extension forming garage / utility. - 29 Oldberg Gardens Basingstoke

20/01298/HSE - Erection of part first floor rear and part first floor side extension, loft conversion , garage conversion and replacement windows and doors - 50 Cumberland Avenue Basingstoke

Brighton Hill South:


Brookvale and Kings Furlong:

20/01212/HSE - Installation of flat roof dormer to the rear elevation of an existing loft conversion, including installation of 1. no roof-light to the front elevation - 32 Queens Road Basingstoke

20/01197/AOP - Works to Basingstoke Downside Sidings, involving the part recovery and part replacement of existing Stabling Sidings No.1 and No.2 with new tracks and associated equipment, creation of new service road, staff car parking, refuse/recycling skip loading area, installation of new staff walkways and associated lighting, erection of acoustic fence and removal of redundant lineside buildings and lighting towers. - Land At OS Ref 463226 152474 Winterthur Way Basingstoke


20/01085/HSE - Erection two storey side/rear extension and alterations - 377 Worting Road Basingstoke

Burghclere, Highclere and St Mary Bourn:

20/01595/GPDAG - Notification of change of use of an Agricultural Building to Class B1 (light industrial and office space) - Falkland Farm Andover Road Wash Water Newbury

20/01419/ROC - Variation of condition 1 of Planning Permission 17/02489/FUL to amend the plan numbers to alter the house design - Barn At Breach Farm Egbury Road St Mary Bourne Andover

20/01418/PIP - Application for Permission in Principle for residential development of a minimum of 1 no. dwelling and a maximum of 3 no. dwellings - Land At Griffons Court Mount Close Highclere

20/01380/HSE - Conversion and alterations of stables and storage building to form ancillary annexe accommodation to Lane Farm House - Lane End Farm Featherbed Lane North Sydmonton

20/01376/HSE - Erection of replacement garage and store with playroom above in new location in rear garden, following demolition of old garage and garden shed - Ratts End House Ecchinswell Road Ecchinswell

20/01370/HSE - Erection of single storey flat roofed kitchen extension - 2 Ratts Cottages Ecchinswell Road Ecchinswell

20/01318/FUL - Conversion of existing barn to form 2 no. 2 bed maisonette dwellings, including addition of first floor and replacement roof, and change of use of land to residential - Barn At Swampton Farm Gangbridge Lane St Mary Bourne

20/01290/FUL - Erection of a Light industrial building for B1c/B2 use following removal of existing building and alterations to parking - The Wood Yard Stoke Hill Stoke

20/01283/FUL - Erection of 1 no. dwelling and associated parking - Steeles Farm Church Lane Ashmansworth

20/01241/FUL - Formation of Electrical Vehicle charging bays and altered parking to existing petrol filling station including erection of timber equipment compound. - Shell Tothill A34 Newbury Bypass Burghclere

20/01235/HSE - Erection of front porch. Erection of part two storey, part single storey rear extension - Ayres Farmhouse Ayres Lane Burghclere

20/01231/LBC - Variation of condition 1 of Listed Building Consent 19/01207/LBC (External alterations to the existing cottage) to allow amendment of approved roof tiles - The Forge St Mary Bourne Andover

20/01191/HSE - Alterations to roof including the creation of two new bedrooms and part raising of the roof and new windows and dormers; demolition and rebuilding of single storey rear extension, including new garden room / dining hall - Ashley Warren Farm Ashley Warren Whitchurch

20/01103/ROC - Variation of condition 1 of 17/03550/FUL to include an additional detached garage with room above, a rear porch for utility space, alterations to front porch, external alterations and internal alterations to amend layout on 1st floor to create additional bedroom and a 3rd dormer to the rear - Old Church House, Land At The Ecchinswell Road Ecchinswell

20/01099/FUL - Amendment to planning consent 19/01963/FUL to add changes to internal 1st floor layout to 6 bedrooms; Installation of a tennis court; re-positioning of swimming pool and repositioning of car parking - Bourne Court & Bourne Court Cottage Upper Link St Mary Bourne Andover

20/01083/FUL - Erection of 4 no. dwellings, with associated garaging, parking, turning, landscaping, private amenity space and access. - Land At 442522 150113 Bourne Court Upper Link St Mary Bourne


20/01302/FUL - Installation of 1 rapid electric vehicle charging station within car park. 2 no. existing parking spaces will become EV charging bays, along with associated equipment - 6 Cedarwood Crockford Lane Chineham

20/01273/HSE - Erection of single storey side/rear extension and conversion of loft to living accommodation with rear dormer window and rooflights to the front elevation - 29 Juniper Close Chineham Basingstoke

Crookham East Ward:


Crookham West and Ewshot Ward:


East Woodhay:

20/01232/HSE - Reconstruction and extension of fire damaged log store building to form secure garage and storage areas with estate office and staff facilities within the roof space - Woolton House Woolton Hill Newbury

20/01092/HSE - Erection of a garden store lean to building - The Beehive Hollington Lane Woolton Hill

20/01084/LBC - Replacement of balustrade and handrails to staircase, repair of brick floor to study and removal of wall lining. - Cottage Farm House North End Road North End


20/01381/FUL - External alterations to the facades of the building including replacement of doors, louvre panels, roof covering & windows and installation of spandrel panels - Normandy House Alencon Link Basingstoke

20/01352/HSE - Erection of single storey front extension - 11 Roding Close Basingstoke

20/01337/HSE - Erection of a two storey rear extension and mansard loft conversion with installation of windows to side elevation and front rooflights - 7 Mortimer Lane Basingstoke

20/01192/FUL - Minor external alterations to 22-24 Winchester Street including a new timber shopfront, timber entrance door, 4 no. dormer windows, 6no. rooflights and new mullions to upper level window glazing - 22 -24 Winchester Street Basingstoke

20/01113/HSE - Erection of garden outbuilding for use as ancillary accommodation - 43 Beaconsfield Road Basingstoke

20/01054/HSE - Erection of single story rear extension with flat roof with skypod/lantern, and external alterations. Remove fence to replace with wall. Alterations to move garage side access door and move to rear - 8 Barbel Avenue Basingstoke

20/01053/FUL - Refurbishment and upgrade of residential facility, including new fabric of the building, minor internal alterations of the building, an extension of the garden room and construction of a storage/ appliance area - Gefferys Fields Chequers Road Basingstoke

Fleet Central Ward:


Fleet East Ward:


Fleet West Ward:



20/01438/HSE - Erection of part single/part two storey side extension and front porch - 25 Loggon Road Basingstoke

20/01361/HSE - Erection of first floor side extension - 41 Van Dyck Close Basingstoke

20/01243/HSE - Erection of single storey rear extension to replace conservatory - 20 Van Dyck Close Basingstoke

20/01158/TENO - Installation of a 20 metre phase 8 pole with wrap around cabinet built around base and 3no. new equipment cabinets - Electricity Sub Station 3 Winchester Road Basingstoke

Hartley Wintney Ward:


Hatch Warren and Beggarwood:

20/01157/ADV - Display of 2 no. internally illuminated fasica signs and 1 no. internally illuminated freestanding poster display panel. - Unit 1 And 2 Hatch Warren Retail Park Wallop Drive Basingstoke

Hook Ward:



20/01374/TENO - Installation of 20m phase 8 pole with wrap around cabinet at base, 4 no. equipment cabinets and ancillary development thereto - Telecommunications Station At Pack Lane Basingstoke

20/01366/HSE - Erection of first floor side extension - 13 Aster Road Basingstoke

20/01340/HSE - Erection of first floor extension over garage and single storey rear extension - 4 Pheasant Close Basingstoke

20/01330/PIP - Application for Permission in Principal for a proposed residential development for up to 3 Dwellings as a phased self build development. - Land At Kite Acre Nursery Old Kempshott Lane Basingstoke

20/01317/HSE - Erection of single storey side/rear extension following demolition of existing garage - 194A Kempshott Lane Basingstoke

20/01202/HSE - Erection of two storey side, single storey front and single storey rear extensions - 18 Kestrel Road Basingstoke


20/01378/HSE - Erection of side extension with link to dwelling forming garaging with ancillary living accommodation and first floor bedroom over. Demolition of existing garaging/outbuilding - Five Meadows Ashford Hill Road Goose Hill

20/01278/RET - Erection of garden gazebo on concrete hardstanding with perimeter timber sleepers - 40 Swan Street Kingsclere

20/01190/PIP - Permission in Principle for residential development of 2 no. four bedroom dwellings with associated access and garaging - Land At OS Ref 453914 155328 Hannington

20/01104/HSE - Erection of single storey front and rear extensions - 14 Hardys Field Kingsclere

20/01109/LBC - Conversion of garage block to living accommodation - Headley Common Farm Common Road Headley


20/01432/HSE - Installation of replacement windows to front elevation - 23 Soper Grove Basingstoke

20/01397/GPDE - Erection of a single storey rear extension (permitted development notification) 34 Hillary Road Basingstoke

20/01205/FUL - Change of use from children's indoor play area to Class B1(c), B2 and B8 use - 2 Stewart Road Basingstoke

20/01147/LDEU - Certificate of lawfulness for the existing use of the property as Class A3/Class A5 (hot snacks to eat in or takeaway) - 54 Kingsclere Road Basingstoke

20/01129/FUL - Erection of a maintenance building (B2 Use) for the use of upkeep of empty skips and bins - Thames House Roentgen Road Basingstoke

Oakley and North Waltham:

20/01625/GPDE - Erection of a single storey rear extension (permitted development notification) - 56 Oakley Lane Oakley Basingstoke

20/01339/HSE - Erection of two storey front and rear extensions with new front porch, raising of roof on side elevation, construction of 2 no. replacement front dormers, fenestration changes and new front boundary wall - 23 St Johns Road Oakley

20/01297/HSE - Erection of single storey side extension and conversion of garage to additional living space. - 31 Hunters Close Oakley

20/01255/TDC - Technical Details Consent for the erection of 2 no. dwellings with associated access, garaging, parking and landscaping, pursuant to Permission in Principle Approval Reference 19/01954/PIP for up to 4 no. dwellings. - Land At OS Grid Ref 455998 146067 St Michaels Close North Waltham

20/01238/HSE - Erection of single storey front and rear extensions (Part Retrospective) - 60 Hunters Close Oakley

20/01064/FUL - Construction of a pumping station to serve Oakley Hall Hotel and its associated facilities on existing agricultural land owned by Oakley Hall - Land West Of Oakley Lodge Rectory Road Oakley

Odiham Ward:


Overton, Laverstoke and Steventon:

20/01444/HSE - Erection of a single storey rear extension - 33 Waltham Road Overton Basingstoke

20/01365/HSE - Partial garage conversion to create home office ancillary space to main house. - Willingdon Berrydown Lane Overton

20/01364/HSE - Erection of single storey replacement extension and alterations to first floor rear flat roof - 39 High Street Overton

20/01289/HSE - Erection of part two storey, part single storey side extension - 16 Lion Close Overton

20/01219/HSE - Erection of detached double garage and hobby workshop - Tall Chimneys Sapley Lane Overton

20/01187/HSE - Proposed replacement rear conservatory - 8 Nightingale Rise Overton

20/01151/HSE - Erection of part two storey, part single storey rear extension - 4 Stonehills Steventon

20/01127/HSE - Erection of single storey side extension and detached single garage following demolition of existing garage - 43 Red Lion Lane Overton

20/01059/HSE - Demolition of existing detached garage and erection of a single storey side extension to create an annexe for the occupancy of family member - Flintstone 1 - 2 Pond Cottages Steventon Basingstoke

20/01067/FUL - Conversion of existing B1(a) office building to 5 flats including external alterations, including installation of new cladding, doors, windows, dormer window, rooflights and steps - Shire House Waltham Road Overton

Pamber and Silchester:

20/01285/PIP - Permission in Principle for residential development of up to 9 no. dwellings - Land At O/S Ref 462670 161631 Little London Road Silchester

20/01244/HSE - Erection of two storey side extension, single storey rear extension & front porch - Rehwiese Silchester Road Little London

20/01220/HSE - Replacement of existing garage roof - Lismore Spanish Green Stratfield Turgis

20/01229/FUL - Conversion of stables to 1 no. dwelling house - Stables At Rose Farm Bramley Road Little London

20/01201/LBC - Repair and conservation of fire damaged thatch cottage, including fire safety betterment to thatch and chimney - Pembroke Cottage Hartley Lane Hartley Wespall

20/01161/FUL - Erection of a 3 bedroom dwelling and shed/store with creation of new access and parking from Soke Road, following demolition of carriage house, stable and tack room - The Pines Pamber Road Silchester Reading

20/01080/FUL - Erection of a 4 bedroom dwelling to include formation of vehicular access to Silchester Road - Dunelm Silchester Road Little London

Popley East:


Popley West:



20/01222/LDPO - Certificate of lawfulness for erection of single storey side/rear extension with pitched roof - 10 Parcel Drive Basingstoke

Sherborne St. John:

20/01299/PIP - Application for Permission in Principle for residential development for a minimum of 4 no. and a maximum of 9 no. dwellings - Land At Monk Sherborne Road And Sand Martin Close Monk Sherborne Road Charter Alley

20/01301/FUL - Change the use of land from agricultural to equestrian and construction of menage - Rose Cottage Pamber Road Charter Alley

South Ham:

20/01326/HSE - Erection of a two storey extension to the south western elevation with minor amendments to the existing dwelling - Hill View House 2 Hill View Road Basingstoke

20/01276/FUL - Erection of 2no. dwellings with new vehicle access - Land Between 28 Mercer Close And 302 Old Worting Road Mercer Close Basingstoke

20/01140/FUL - Construction of play equipment in school field to include replacement KS1 and KS2 Adventure Trail - St Annes Catholic Primary School Pinkerton Road Basingstoke

Tadley Central:

20/01240/HSE - Erection of single storey rear and side extension - 5 Greywell Close Tadley

Tadley South:


Upton Grey and the Candovers:

20/01371/HSE - Erection of part single/part two storey front extension and erection of porch. - Green Hedges Weston Road Upton Grey

20/01363/LBC - Installation of non illuminated building signage - Chilton Manor Farmhouse Chilton Candover Alresford

20/01362/LBC - Installation of new window to South East elevation of existing barn/new lounge area to cafe - Chilton Manor Farm Chilton Candover Alresford

20/01335/HSE - Erection of replacement garage and home office - Fairviews Bell Lane Ellisfield

20/01305/HSE - Erection of single storey rear extension - 1 Widmoor Cottages College Lane Ellisfield

20/01322/LBC - Internal alterations to remove late C20 partitions; install new partition and Doc M WC facilities - 1 Stable Court Herriard Park Herriard

20/01259/LBC - Internal alterations to increase headroom and provide level access - Pegs Cottage Farleigh Road Brown Candover

20/01218/FUL - Erection of 1 no. 3 bedroom dwelling with attached garage on land at Roundtown Farms - Land At Roundtown Hackwood Lane Hackwood Park Basingstoke

20/01185/ROC - Variation of condition 1 and 16 of planning consent 18/03430/FUL to amend plans for the parking layout and to reduce the size of the garage on plot 2 to a single garage and incorporate the other half of it into the house as the kitchen - Elderfield House Bagmore Lane Herriard

20/01150/HSE - Erection of rear orangery - Old Forge Berrywood Lane Bradley

20/01168/FUL - Erection of three detached bungalows - Greenlands Nursery 3A Hackwood Lane Cliddesden Basingstoke

20/01098/FUL - Erection of 4 no. dwellings with associated parking and access arrangements - Appleyard Woods Lane Cliddesden

20/01055/ROC - Variation of condition 1 of Planning Permission 19/02588/FUL to amend the plan numbers to include the erection of a detached cartshed outbuilding - Fiveways Cottage Westers Lane Humbly Grove South Warnborough


20/01429/HSE - Erection of two storey side extension and single storey rear extension - 79 Winchester Road Whitchurch

20/01399/GPDLIN - Notification of proposed change of use from Class B1(c) light industrial unit to 1 no. Class C3 dwellinghouse - Apsley Sawmill Andover Road Hurstbourne Priors Whitchurch

20/01351/HSE - Erection of part single/part two storey side extension. Alterations to roof with increased ridge height to allow for creation of second floor living space including construction of dormer to rear elevation. Replacement render and cladding to existing front elevation and side gables including replacement of windows and alterations to rear fenestration. - 15 Kings Walk Whitchurch

20/01354/HSE - Erection of a single storey rear and a single storey side extension. - 2 Lapwing Rise Whitchurch

20/01323/HSE - Erection of single storey rear extension, first floor extension over garage, patial conversion of garage and replacement balcony - 32 Winchester Road Whitchurch

20/01306/HSE - Adjust levels to rear garden areas pursuant to permission 18/01094/HSE for a single storey rear extension, removing areas of fill material added following refurbishment and extension works BDB/69805. Brick and flintwork dwarf retaining walls Replacement southern boundary fence. - The Cottage 5 Fairclose Whitchurch


20/01341/HSE - Erection of replacement outbuilding following demolition of existing - 14 Wellington Terrace Basingstoke

20/01324/HSE - Proposed single storey rear/side extension with glazed lantern and roof windows - 10 Elmwood Way Basingstoke

20/01068/HSE - Erection of garage extension and new porch - 23 Pendennis Close Basingstoke

Yateley East Ward:


Yateley West Ward:


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