TWO LIFE-LONG Basingstoke Town Football Club supporters were allegedly pressured into selling their shares in the club to Rafi Razzak.

Mandy Stratton says that she and her late husband, David, had a knock on the door out of the blue in 2016, from a man who gave them a cheque and said that he was going to be buying their share in Basingstoke Town Ltd, the company that ran the club. Mr Razzak has denied this.

She has decided to speak out after the Gazette exclusively revealed last week that the existence of a preferential share could have given fans a chance to block the club’s eviction from the Camrose.

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The couple, for whom the club played a big role in their love story, were left shocked after the man knocked on their door with a cheque for £100, the value of the share they had bought eight years earlier. It came in the same month that documents show the company’s director, Rafi Razzak, buying back shares from numerous other holders.

Mandy says that they were left to feel like they had no choice but to sell their share, saying: “We were shocked, he wouldn’t tell us why [he was buying the share].

“Everything was hush hush.”

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Mandy says she “wouldn’t have taken the cheque” if she knew what would happen.

Her parents were at the social club next to the ground when it first opened and David, after passing away last August, was cremated wearing his Basingstoke Town shirt.

“I wanted to scatter his ashes at the Camrose but couldn’t because they are digging it up,” she added.

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The Gazette put the accusations to Mr Razzak, who simply replied: “This is not true.”

An accountant, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Gazette that what is alleged was “unethical”.

“If they have not given the full story, it is pretty unethical.

“It is just not how you do things.”

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