I don't know about you, but my history lessons at secondary school looked a lot like this: Tudors, Tudors, Tudors, Tudors, Tudors, Franz Ferdinand, Second World War, Second World War, Second World War, Second World War and a term on the industrial revolution.

While I left school in 2006, I was surprised to read this week that little has changed to the curriculum since then. Everything I have learned about the British empire and the more problematic periods in history have been self-taught. But not everyone has the will or time to do this.

Groups this week have been calling on the government to introduce black history onto the national curriculum. This is well overdue. History remains one of the most popular GCSE subjects, with more than 278,000 students taking the subject last year.

Surely it is time that the syllabus is brought in line with modern-day society and reflects a more accurate portrayal of the past? We are failing these students, otherwise. 

Katie French, Editor