Residents have spoken out in fear about the "rare" stabbing incident in Brighton Hill over the weekend.

Police arrested two boys on suspicion of grievous bodily harm with intent on Schubert Road on Saturday June 20.

The 17-year-old who sustained stab wounds was rushed to hospital.

A mother-of-three, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Gazette: "We have lived here for 15 years and nothing like this has ever happened before.

"I will not be allowing my 10-year-old son to go out just yet because of the stabbing.

"As it happened so close to home, I am reluctant to let him go out on his own.

"It's scary for me as my children are very trusting and don't see the bad in people."

She said that the stabbing does not appear to be a "random" event.

The resident estimated that around 90 per cent of houses have families in them in the area.

"You would not expect this kind of violence down a quiet road.

"I do not recall any stabbings in Brighton Hill full stop.

"This is a rare occurrence," she explained.

She wants to ensure that her children do not get involved in gang spats or drugs.

"There will be more incidents like this because of free movement as lockdown is easing.

"I need to know whether the stabbing is a random or related incident.

"That will be the decider as to when I allow my children to go out," she said.

Resident, Linda Butcher, wrote on Brighton Hill Neighbour Watch Facebook page: "What a waste of life, so young.

"Why do kids think its acceptable to go around around stabbing people."