Residents are scared to let their children leave the house after a man was stabbed in South Ham over the weekend.

This is the second stabbing to have taken place in the last two years in the area.

The Gazette previously reported that the attack happened in Diana Close, just after 6pm, on Sunday June 21.

Police located the victim of the stabbing outside an address in Elizabeth Road, who was rushed to Southampton General for treatment, with serious injuries.

Resident, Jamie Phillips, 25, from South Ham, told the Gazette: "We had a guy stabbed at the top of my drive two years ago.

"A lot of the time it is drug deals gone wrong but it's becoming more serious.

"It is quite scary as there are kids living down our road.

"South Ham is very dodgy. Youths get away with it all the time and never get caught.

"There are so many alleyways they can dive down."

The father-of-three said he feels "uneasy" about the stabbing and believes it to be a "suspected drug deal gone wrong".

Jamie is concerned about children's safety as there are around 10 to 15 of them living there.

"We are all on edge down here. When will it happen again?

"My kids play outside the front door and I don't know whether to let them out now," he explained.

A neighbour, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "Oh my goodness, this stabbing is ridiculous.

"We have kids living down here and its not safe."

Jamie is planning on speaking to the neighbours to install CCTV cameras down the street to make it safer.