We all know Basingstoke can get quite a rep for being ‘Boringstoke’, a town that may not have the most exciting scenes to offer for its young people.

However, upon further contemplation I realised that Basingstoke has so much more to offer; from the summer festival B-Love, the weekend shopping scene, and all the parks we spent our childhood days growing up in. Here’s a list of seven things we love about Basingstoke – student edition!

  1. The Shops and Restaurants – The shopaholics in Basingstoke are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to the Basingstoke high street. With stores such as H&M, River Island, Swarovski, Topshop, and more, there’s somewhere to shop for every style need. A long day of shopping needs sustenance and refreshment – all found in the range of restaurants in Festival Place. Restaurants are also a great place for catchups with friends or dinners with family.
  2. Proximity to London – Admit it, we love the fact that London is an “almost an hour away” by train. We can visit the city for various activities, holidays, and seasons; from the annual Winter Wonderland trips to a summer day in Hyde Park. It’s certainly convenient to hop on a train to visit the hustle and bustle of London, whilst still being able to come home by the end of the day.
  3. Vue Monday Deals – One for the students on a budget. Vue’s ‘Super Mondays’ allow viewers to buy £5 tickets for most movies, including recent releases. It’s a great chance to grab some friends, pick a new movie, and spend the money saved on the ticket to buy the classic Tango Ice Blasts and popcorn.
  4. Parks and Recreation – We may not have our very own Leslie Knope, but Basingstoke does have its beloved parks (Eastrop Park; War Memorial Park) which house impressive greenery, playgrounds, and picnic spots to relax and hang out with friends. The parks are perfect for joggers, leisurely walkers, and summer strolls.
  5. Other Like-Minded Students – Basingstoke has a large student population who are passionate about social issues and activism. A recent example of young people using their voice for protest was seen in the peaceful ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests in June.
  6. Leisure Park – A great place to spend the weekend with friends and family members. You can ice skate, swim, go bowling, sky-dive, or watch movies at the Odeon – there’s something there for everyone.
  7. World Party – an annual celebration of different cultures, cuisines, and countries! Although it only takes place once a year in Eastrop Park, the different performances organised by cultural societies and delicious food stalls leave a lasting impression. It is a wonderful day full of diversity, inclusion, and lots of fun!