NATIONAL Police Air Force were drafted in to support Whitchurch police to a report of a dog chasing a deer.

The helicopter was spotted by residents circulating Micheldever Road on Monday, June 15.

Social media user, Barry Goddard, posted on Spotted in Whitchurch's Facebook page: "More trouble in Whitchurch but at least it has a good outcome.

"Police called to a report of a dog chasing a deer in Micheldever Road.

"Whitchurch police detained four people thanks to the help from members of the public.

"One dog seized thanks to Hants Roads Policing, Hants Response Cops and the National Police Air Service."

One resident was concerned about the cost of the helicopter drafted in to help.

Andy Chapman said: "Is the helicopter a cost-effective way of policing? The helicopter can search an area of one mile square in 12 minutes.

"When searching rural areas of the force, the helicopter is the best resource in eliminating open ground and inaccessible areas and by far the cheapest when compared with police officers on foot (454 man hours per mile squared).

"It is safer to search rooftops using the helicopter. It is the only significant large area night search capable resource."

Andy said the all inclusive cost of flying a helicopter is £1700 per hour, including fuel, staff and insurance.

He said the unit has an annual budget of 1,000 hours per year, an average of 2.75 flying hours per day.

Not all shared the same view that it was too expensive to send out a helicopter.

Stephen Cook said: "Does it really matter how much it cost for the helicopter? It does not bother me at all what they get paid to do."

Tracey Wilson said: "Blimey, it's all happening isn't it."