Claims that a veteran had his throat slashed during protests in London over the weekend have been proved false.

Over the weekend, the Gazette and many other media organisations reported on the far-right protests which occurred in central London.

But pictures and video quickly spread across social media, appearing to show a male veteran having his throat slashed.

One such person even commented on a Gazette story by saying: "Can we talk about the veteran who had his throat slashed (and incidentally died) by a BLM protester please".

But this has now been proved as not true.

Independent fact checking website Full Fact has concluded that there were no stabbings reported at protests in London over the weekend

"We’ve seen multiple videos and images claiming to show, or prove, that people were stabbed at the demonstrations in London on Saturday 13 June.

"This is incorrect. The Met Police said on Saturday evening that there were no reported stabbings at that day’s protests. It confirmed to Full Fact on Monday 15 June that this was still the case.

"There were at least two stabbings reported in London from Friday to Sunday, but they do not appear to have been related to, or in the vicinity of, the protests.

"113 people were arrested at the demonstration for a range of offences."

Pictures and video that remain on social media are now met with a "false information checked by independent fact checkers" tag.