A neighbour was left furious after he was woken up at 3.30am to the sound of noisy works coming from Basingstoke Train Station.

Jamie, who lives in the town, described the overpowering noise as "like a train screeching to a halt, only continuously".

It was shortly after 3.30am on Sunday when he heard the sounds coming from the tracks, just behind his home.

He told The Gazette: "We were woken up and the noise lasted until 5am. We had no sleep in that period as it was so intrusive.

"I know others on the estate were affected."

In the video, you can make out workers carrying out their tasks as Jamie vents his frustration over the time. 

He added: "We are surprised they can't do the works at other times, especially with so few people using the station and so few trains at the moment."

Jamie said usually they were warned in advance but it had never been "that instruvive" before. 

"Thankfully it was quiet last night," he added. 

Network Rail has been contacted for comment.