Organise, educate and speak up.

This is how Basingstoke residents serious about fighting inequality can help, according to marketing manager Jen.

Jen Campbell, who organised Saturday's peaceful anti-racism talk in War Memorial Park on Saturday, said there are many ways people can help. 

The mother, from Hook, urged the dozens of supporters who turned out in a show of unity to take action.

She closed the event on Saturday with parting advice for the crowds, saying: “Organise. Join a group that is campaigning for change. If there is not one in your area, start one.

“Make your vote count. In local and national elections check out the record of the party or person you are voting for. What are they doing to tackle racism?

“Make work fairer. Find out your employer’s policy for dealing with racial harassment and challenge any atmosphere of intimidation or lack of support.

“Improve education. I think that has been common across us all. Read and educate your mind. Write to your schools and ask what they are doing to put black history on the curriculum.

“When it comes to you as an individual, listen to your friends and listen to your family members. Challenge them and take responsibility.

“When you see racism in action, challenge it. See it, say it.

“Most importantly, stay positive. Don’t make this the end.”

Addressing the crowd, she said: “Don’t just think, right, I’ve attended a rally, that’s a tick in the box.  Walk forward with this. Thank you.”