The owners of a beautiful field of poppies have now been forced to completely block the entrance with hay bales to stop unwanted visitors.

It comes after the Gazette reported last week how families were still breaking into the Overton field to take pictures - despite the wishes of the landowners.

Wildflower Turf were left with no choice but to close the field after people trampled over crops to pose for pictures of the picturesque poppy field.

Basingstoke Gazette: Credit: Mike AlamarCredit: Mike Alamar

In a sign, erected outside the gate, the owner wrote: "Sadly we have taken the difficult decision to close this field to the public due to the consistent disregard and disrespect of our signs and guidelines.

'Consistent damage has occurred to our crop. this is our livelihood hood, not a tourist spot. it is private land and there is no access to the public.

"We kindly temporarily allowed access so the beauty of the poppies could be enjoyed by enthusiasts to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

Basingstoke Gazette:

It continued: "A minority of disrespectful viewers have ruined this for the majority of lovely people we have met.

"We are very sorry to have been enforced into this decision.

"Thank you to all those who were respectful and who have donated to this important charity."