This is the hilarious moment a woman catches a pair of fly-tippers allegedly dumping waste on her land. 

Andrea Good noticed the trades van pulled up in front of her gate before they chucked a load of rubbish onto the grass verge. 

She bravely confronted the pair on video, in a ballsy move that has won her hundreds of fans on social media with the exchange going viral. 

The incident happened in woodlands near the village Netley Marsh  in the New Forest, south Hampshire.

In the extraordinary exchange, Andrea approaches the pair – who ironically were driving a van labelled with “, where reputation matters” – and asked them what they were up to.

The man in a high-visibility shirt replied: “We are cleaning out the back of our van, love.

“What it is, we’ve just picked up some stuff. It was all mixed up and we’re sorting it out.”

Andrea responded: “Ok, this is my gateway”

The man said a car went past so they had to pull over: “We’ve been here about 20 minutes.”

Andrea replied: “No you haven’t, I’ve just seen you pull up.”

The man assured her: “We’re sorting it all out now love. We’ve just picked up a load of waste. The customer has told us we’ve had to bring all this back and forward the only way we can do that the bag has split we have the bags out all ready.

Andrea quipped: “It’s lucky you’ve got a shovel isn’t it?”

She continued recording the duo as they clumsily collected the strewn items including an old toilet, a broken bucket and pieces of rubble. 

Andrea filmed the front of the pick-up van which prompted the man to ask why she was recording. 

Andrea said: “I ain’t being funny mate but you’ve just pulled up, I saw you pull up, all this rubbish has all been hauled out, you’ve given me a cock and bull story about a car going past. CCTV will tell you it hasn’t. I am going to wait here for you to clean it up.”

The man assured her they were simply “sorting out” the waste.

She drily continued: “The problem is you get so many people fly-tipping these days, don’t you?”  

He said: “I wouldn’t do that at all.”

The video was shared to Facebook and viewed more than 23,000 times in less than 24 hours. 

A Checkatrade spokesperson said: “We were made aware that a trade member has been fly-tipping illegally. We immediately suspended the member from our listings while the matter is investigated further.”