Clothes, shoes, make-up, hair accessories and endless bargains.

There are many reasons why Basingstoke shoppers hold Primark in high regard.

And after a three month hiatus, The Malls' branch of the chain will be reopening its doors on Monday.

But store chiefs are warning it will not be business as usual.

With the pandemic still ongoing, staff will be adhering to strict guidelines to ensure customers are safe.  

Here is everything you can expect. 

All stores set to reopen on Monday, June 15 - including Basingstoke 

Primark is working to re-open all of our stores in England on 15 June, following the recent announcement by the UK Government

Employee and customer safety is the highest priority in our preparations for re-opening.

To help provide a safe environment in stores for our employees and as we welcome back customers, social distancing protocols, hand sanitiser, perspex screens at tills and additional store cleaning will be among the measures in place.

A spokesman said: "Following the recent Government announcement, we are working to re-open all of our Primark stores in England on June 15, with extensive measures in place to help safeguard employees and customers.

Basingstoke Gazette: Credit: Steve Bloomer/ GoogleCredit: Steve Bloomer/ Google

"We are still awaiting further clarification and local government guidance regarding re-opening dates for our stores in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

"Primark is closely following all government safety advice and applying experience gained from our store openings across Europe, putting rigorous health and safety measures in place in all stores."

Strict social distancing 

The Basingstoke store will be limiting the number of customers allowed in store at any one time to allow for the appropriate distance in between customers and employees, following government guidelines.

Clear signage and floor decals, as well as dedicated employees and additional security staff, to guide customers through the store in a way that limits contact with others.

Every second till will be closed to allow more space between customers and between employees.

Employees given PPE

Hand sanitiser stations will be made available at the entrance and on the shop floor and back of house for employee and customer use. Face masks and gloves will be made available to all Primark employees.

Perspex screens have been installed on tills to protect customers and employees.

Washing hands 

The frequency and rigour of store cleaning will increase, particularly around high frequency touchpoints such as tills, escalators, lifts, and employee areas in back of house.

Full details of the safety measures we will introduce in store can be found below.

Primark CEO, Paul Marchant, said: “As we re-open our stores in England, nothing matters more than the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and customers.

“We have really missed our customers and we are delighted to be back on 15 June and able to provide them with the quality, affordable products they love from Primark.

Basingstoke Gazette: Remember when Primark used to look like this? Remember when Primark used to look like this?

“We know that life for our customers is going to look different for a while. We want our stores to be safe and reassuring places to shop and work. While it might take a little longer to get into our stores, once inside, customers will find all their favourite Primark products and we have worked hard to make sure that clear signage and extra help will be there to guide them through the changes we have made to allow for social distancing.

“We will adopt all government safety advice as a minimum in our stores and have benefited from our experience in the other markets in Europe where we have already opened successfully. As we open, we will continue to look at best practice across the retail sector and amend our measures appropriately.

“I would like to thank all of our colleagues and partners for the commitment, strength and resilience they have shown through these challenging times.”

Full list of safety measures across Primark stores:

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Primark said it has implemented a strict social distancing protocol across all our stores:

A spokesman said: "We are following government guidelines and limiting the number of customers allowed in store at any one time to allow for the appropriate distance in between customers and employees.

"Clear signage and floor decals, as well as dedicated employees who are responsible for managing queues at tills and entrances to stores

"We have hired additional security staff to help customers follow social distancing measures while queueing to enter our store

"We have redesigned the layout of our stores to allow for more space between people by reconfiguring our queuing system at our till points to allow for social distancing. Dedicated employees are on hand to manage the correct flow of the queue

"We have temporarily closed off fitting rooms, customer toilets and our cafe and beauty concessions in stores which have them. We may review this policy as the situation develops and in line with government guidance

"Entry and exit points are clearly marked

"Frequent tannoy announcements are made in store reminding customers to adhere to social distancing measures"

PERSONAL PROTECTION: "We have increased personal protection for employees and customers:

"Hand sanitiser stations will be made available at the entrance and on the shop floor and back of house for employee and customer use

"Every second till is closed, in order to leave appropriate space between customers and between employees. Perspex screens have been installed on open tills to protect customers and employees

"Face masks and gloves are available to all employees if they wish to use them

"Customers are asked to sanitise their hands upon entry. Dedicated employees are on hand to assist customers if needed

"All returns will be managed in line with government advice

"We have removed all testers from the health and beauty department

"We are encouraging card payments and contactless when possible to minimise cash interactions. Limits have been increased for contactless payments where this was possible

"We have appointed dedicated employees to manage queues at tills and entrances to stores to ensure social distancing measures are being followed

"Dedicated employees make sure hand hygiene stations are topped up and report any issues or concerns to the store manager

IN-STORE CLEANING: We have increased the frequency and intensity of in-store cleaning:

"We have invested significantly in increasing the frequency and rigour of our store cleaning policy across all our markets: giving particular attention to high frequency touchpoints such as tills, escalators, lifts, and employee areas in back of house

"A deep clean of each store is carried out before re-opening

"We have increased the frequency of cleaning throughout the day

"We have introduced a basket cleaning system, so each basket handle is cleaned before use

"Sanitising wipes are made available for employees to sterilise baskets and cashpoints."