Of course I realise that we are all having to adapt to a new reality, but I do think that residents of Basingstoke and Deane should be getting some sort of rebate of council tax as compensation for having services withdrawn.

Black bins are being collected half as frequently (I doubt that the council would be paying Serco a full rate for half a service), HWRCs have shorter opening hours and only partial/restricted service, street lights are being turned off at midnight (maybe earlier?) which seems to encourage 'gatherings' of young people in the now dimly lit areas (of my street) and there are so few police due to lower funding (which I believe is partially funded from Council Tax) that it's pointless phoning to report any disturbance because when they turn up two hours later there's nobody around.

Dimly lit streets also make people more vulnerable to burglary and assault.

I do worry that the council might try to wriggle out of re-introducing the weekly black bin collections.

If it wasn't bad enough having just one black bin collection a fortnight there has been no alternative provided and no 'system' to let residents use the HWRC on designated days (which should help to reduce the queues) - maybe residents could be allocated the same day of the week as the postcode would have had weekly black bin collection they'd be allowed to enter the tip?

The hours also should be extended to allow people to go to the tip later in the day.

Trevor Rose, South Ham Road