CUSTOMERS were captured smiling, eagerly waiting to place their orders at McDonald's drive-thrus in Basingstoke this morning.

The fast-food chain once again served the public at both its Leisure Park and Brighton Hill stores since it was forced to close on March 23 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Around 20 cars were spotted in an orderly queue outside the Leisure Park, with members of staff directing customers which lanes to drive into.

Suzi Summers, 44, from South Ham, told the Gazette: “I’m mainly here for my daughter as she loves McDonald’s. She wants to order 20 chicken nuggets, large coke, large chips, mozzarella burger, apple big and a big mac for my partner.

Basingstoke Gazette: Suzi Summers was "very keen" to place her orderSuzi Summers was "very keen" to place her order

"McDonald's is meant to be a treat but my daughter likes to go every other week. I'm worried if we came later, we would struggle to get in.

"We are very keen and my daughter is so excited to place her order."

Suzi said they arrived at 10.15am and were one of the first in the queue at the Leisure Park.

The 44-year-old thought it would be busier but explained that as people are back at work its harder to get to McDonald's.

"It will be much busier tonight," she added.

Business Manager of McDonald’s at the Leisure Park, Gladstone Makazag, 37, from South Ham, said: “After ten weeks of sitting at home, I’m excited McDonald’s has reopened.

"We opened at 11am to stop confusion of people getting McMuffins.

“We are a mcfamily here. Queues are very orderly. We have learned from the mistake of KFC not to have chaotic queues.

"It will be an absolutely manic evening. Come evening, it’s fair game for everyone.

“People are a lot happier to wait during the pandemic. We also have a reduced menu. No breakfast yet.

“We only have 150 members of staff and 40 are back. The rest are still on furlough. There is no wraps, sweet treats, milkshakes, or blended ice drinks. It’s a condensed menu.”

Around 12 cars were seen parked up outside McDonald's Brighton Hill drive thru, with a steady flow of traffic.

Operations manager, Wesley Roshier, 42, from Old Basing said: “Its great to be serving people again, it’s fantastic. “We have got the space if we need it, we are prepared. It’s ticking over lovely, customers are being kind. We opened about 10.45am to save people from waiting.

Basingstoke Gazette: Operations Manager, Wesley Roshier said they were prepared for the drive-thru this morningOperations Manager, Wesley Roshier said they were prepared for the drive-thru this morning

“We are doing a standardised menu which is the same across the country. “It will be busy and lunch and it will peak at dinner. The customers are so happy and it’s great for us to be open.

“The kids have really missed McDonald’s. Kids are getting trolls toys at the moment with their happy meal.

“Nuggets are always popular and big twenty boxes for sharing as well. The classics are all time favourites.

“It’s a big exercise getting reopened and there is training with staff before they return.

“We are social distancing inside and screens are up in the kitchen.”

Mother, Jen Cripps, 46, and daughter Gemma, 14, from Oakley, said: “This is a surprise for my son, Andrew, who turned six on March 24 and McDonald’s shut on March 23.

“We had to cancel his birthday party. We have just ordered a happy meal, nuggets and chips.”