We voted to Leave the EU almost four years ago this June 23rd and Brexit should, and would, have been achieved by now had we had a strong, determined leadership at the time.

Instead it dragged on and on until, finally, Boris Johnson won the last General Election by a huge majority giving him the mandate to just Leave.

If the Coronavirus pandemic hadn't happened the negotiations would have been well underway now despite the very predictable concessions demanded by the arrogant EU.

No, the last thing this country needs is a two year extension of negotiations whilst still paying millions of pounds to the EU when we shall need every penny to help get our country back on it's feet again.

Our negotiators must stand firm and not give in an inch to EU demands to continue fishing in our waters and wanting us to adhere to their rules and their courts being supreme to ours.

That must not happen. We will be a Sovereign nation and if they want to continue to trade with us they will have to negotiate properly or we'll just walk away.

Remember the slogan "No Deal is better than a Bad Deal" that's how it must be in order to honour the Referendum result.

And with reference to a reader a couple of weeks ago, if you listen to Classic FM you will often hear Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March No.1.

Just close your eyes and enjoy it! Meanwhile, the rest of us can continue to sing the words "Land of Hope and Glory." with pride and joy in our glorious country! Each to their own, as they say!

Gina Oxer, Pitman Close