Police have caught out a lorry driver who they say could have killed a cyclist.

Earlier today, the Hants Road Policing team tweeted out two images (above) of what looked like huge piles of mess.

They wrote: "Is this the disciplined and organised office of a top of his game professional lorry driver? No.

"Its a blocked field of critical view likely to hide and kill a pedestrian or cyclist."

People were quick to criticise the unnamed driver as well.

"I love that there’s a fly swat in amongst his filth - he wouldn’t need one if he cleaned up a little," one person wrote.

"That is genuinely scary and disgusting," another wrote.

Among the items that can be seen in the picture are several drink bottles, piles of clothes, stationary on the dashboard as well as s used tissue or two.

It is unclear where exactly the lorry was stopped, but Hampshire Constabulary have been contacted for further comment.