Basingstoke students have set up their own protest in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter marches around the world.

The three women have painted signs and are hoping to change the conversation about racism and privilege locally.

BCoT student Emily Hamilton, 17, from Brighton Hill, was joined by friends Kiera Jarc and Isabelle Fellows. She said: "I’m fed up of there being inequality and want back lives to be appreciated.

"I don’t like how the system is working against them and it’s not in their favour.

"A black man is more likely to be stopped on the street than a white, statistics have shown.”

While Isabelle, also 17, from South Ham, said: “There has been black matter movement and it has been really present in the media.

The self-employed teenager said: "There have been issues in the uk, it’s worth putting it forward. The policeman who killed George Floyd was not bought to justice adequately. It was no accident.”

  • How you can support the Black Lives Matter movement

Donate to The Minnesota Freedom Fund. It is a non-profit organisation that provides funds for protesters who have been arrested and need to pay bail in order to avoid being imprisoned.

“We will walk with transparency and accountability to use those funds to first and foremost pay bail for those who have shown up in love and grief and rage to demand justice for the murder of George Floyd, and then to post bail in our community for those who are held pretrial simply because they cannot pay and to post bonds to free people from ICE detention,” the organisation said. To donate, click here.

Sign the Justice for George Floyd Petition here