The most common places that people illegally dump their waste in Basingstoke have been revealed.

Figures obtained by the Gazette show that last year 2,138 fly-tips were reported to Basingstoke and Dean Council. This equates to nearly six per day.

Cabinet member for environment and enforcement Cllr Hayley Eachus said: “There is simply no excuse for fly-tipping. It is illegal, an eyesore and harmful to the environment.

"Clearing fly-tipped waste costs the council money that could be used to fund essential services for our residents and provide support to the most vulnerable in our borough.

"The vast majority of our residents do dispose of their waste properly. I would like to extend my thanks to them for their efforts, both now and in the past, in helping to keep our borough and streets clean."

But what those figures also showed were the hotspots around town where waste most often gets dumped.

Last year there were 27 fly-tips reported in Abbey Road alone. This was the most fly-tipped street of 2019.

The top ten most fly-tipped streets looked like this:

  1. Abbey Road – Popley West (27)
  2. Redbridge Lane – Old Basing (23)
  3. London Road – Eastrop (21)
  4. Quilter Road – Brighton Hill North (20)
  5. Holbein Close – Grove (19)
  6. Britten Road – Brighton Hill North (15)
  7. Pack Lane – Kempshott (14)
  8. Milkingpen Lane – Basing (14)
  9. Malshanger Lane – Oakley & North Waltham (13)
  10. Brewer Close – Buckskin (12)

Cllr Eachus added: "Sadly a few individuals continue to fly-tip their waste.

"To help us stamp out this crime across all parts of the borough, we actively encourage our residents to report any incidents of fly-tipping they have seen, whether on public or private land.

"Areas where fly-tipping is an issue are regularly patrolled by our community safety patrol officers and operations teams.

"Our community safety patrol officers investigate incidents of fly-tipping they find during their patrols and use a range of penalties from warning notices through to prosecution by the Environmental Health team.

“We take a zero tolerance approach towards fly-tipping and we will take action against those responsible. I urge anyone with any information about a fly-tipping incident to report it to the council by calling 01256 844844.”

Finally, the figures also revealed which individual wards have been hit the hardest since 2017.

Popley East (2017), Winklebury (2018), and Buckskin (2019) have each finished their respective calender years having received the most number of reported fly-tips.

And these weren't outliers either. Each year from 2017, Popley East and Buckskin have ranked in the top five most fly-tipped wards, with Winklebury and Norden each ranking in the top five twice.

Below are the top five most fly-tipped wards for the past three full calender years, as well as the number of reported fly-tips for that year.

Basingstoke Gazette: