REPORTS have come in that youths were seen climbing and urinating on the flat roof of Pamber Heath Memorial Hall in Tadley over the bank holiday weekend.

On a separate occasion, youths were allegedly throwing beer bottles and cans around the preschool garden, smashing cameras on the outside of the building as well as the lights, cutting all electrical cables, along with more smashed beer bottles around the building and in to the preschool garden on Monday May 25.

Police were called and sent away a group of youths around midnight, but Pamber Heath Memorial hall has claimed that others returned during the night to do more damage.

The parish and hall have decided that the hall carpark will be locked up when the hall is not in use to stop further vandalism.

Despite their best efforts, these new locks were cut away over the weekend.

If anyone knows any information of the events over the last week, the parish and hall are asking people to contact the police on 101.