RESIDENTS are facing problems with their internet after a car crashed into a telegraph pole in the early hours of this morning.

An eye-witness told the Gazette he saw the moment the vehicle ploughed into the pole on the A30 near The Hogget pub in Hook, just after midnight. 

The driver fled the scene after the incident, the witness said. 

BT's 'outage map' shows residents are experiencing problems.

Resident, Gareth Wilson,43, from Old School Road took to Hook Village Community Noticeboard page on Facebook to announce that there is an internet outage at Old School Road, Newnham Road, and Scures Hill.

He wrote: "Lights are out at the Hogget this morning after a car crashed into the telegraph pole last night. Has also taken out internet down Old School Road, Newnham Road, and Scures Hill. BT estimate repair by 3rd June."

Gareth told the Gazette: "I got up and immediately saw there was no internet. I went for a walk and saw the telegraph pole had been hit.

"I contacted neighbours in the WhatsApp group and they also said there was no internet.

"My wife is trying to do a masters degree and she can't use the internet. My children cannot watch films or play games.

"My neighbours are in a similar situation and cannot work from home and have had to go into the office.

"We can't even take any phone calls. It is very frustrating for the community."

Gareth said around 30 houses have been affected by the internet outage in the area.

The Gazette has contacted BT for comment.