A SHOPPER at Lidl in Basingstoke was appalled to find overcrowded aisles as customers struggled to stay two metres apart.

Supermarkets have measures in place to allow customers to shop while maintaining social distancing.

Sally Bracken took pictures of the shoppers on May 28 and shared them on Facebook after being appalled at what she saw.

Sally wrote: "Popped into Lidl for a few bits and was appalled.... Social distancing? What social distancing?

"Way too many people in the store. Tills open next to each other with long queues right next to each other.

"Not all tills had protection screens. I will not be going back any time soon."

One person commented: "I went in there last night and to be honest I felt quite safe."

Another said: "Was definitely not social distancing."

The Gazette has contacted Lidl for comment.