A CROWD gathered outside of Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital in the final Clap for Carers during the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the tenth week of Clap for Carers across the country. 

Millions of people across the UK have lined their thresholds, gathered - while socially distancing - on pavements, and stood in their gardens every week to demonstrate their support for care staff and frontline workers.

Tonight, pockets of people were seen standing two metres apart outside the hospital, clapping for NHS workers.

Posted by Basingstoke Gazette on Thursday, 28 May 2020

When the clock struck 8pm, the sound of clapping and cheering once again filled the atmosphere outside the hospital as Basingstoke residents celebrated those working on the frontline.

People were cheering "hip hip horray" several times, showing their support during the two minute clap.

Social media users commented on the Gazette's Facebook live video, saying: "Thank you NHS for all you do."