AFTER rumours that Debenhams store in Basingstoke would be closing down, the British retailer has announced that it will be reopening in June.

This comes after Debenhams has cut "hundreds" of head office jobs as it slims down its administrative functions to support a smaller business in the future.

Bosses plan to reopen with a slimmed down head office, which employs around 3,000 people, as staff leave from mechandising, buying, design and HR departments, according to initial reports by Reuters.

Last month, Debenhams went into administration for the second time in a year on April 9.

The retailer sought to protect itself from legal action by creditors during the coronavirus crisis that could have pushed it into liquidation.

Since the coronavirus pandemic shut all non-food retailers, the department store has announced the permanent closure of 12 stores, with thousands of job losses.

A spokesperson from Debenhams told the Gazette: "The Basingstoke store is expected to reopen alongside other English stores from June 15.

"Importantly, Debenhams has successfully concluded negotiations with landlords on 120 stores (including Basingstoke) which is a key step to the company coming out of administration.

"There are no further closures to announce today beyond those already notified."