A MAN charged with rape has been accused of "laughing" at his suspected victim before attacking her, a court heard. 

Errol Robinson, of Sutton, Surrey, is accused of rape and assault at the woman's flat in Fleet, on July 17, 2018.

In one of the first trials to start following the Covid-19 lockdown, the complainant told Winchester Crown Court she had felt pressured to meet the defendant.

On the day of the alleged attack she met him at a railway station and they returned to a flat.

She said they went to the bedroom after eating some food to get out of the way of the cleaner, but added that she felt "nervous" as they entered the bedroom.

The woman said they watched the movie Black Panther on her laptop while sitting on the floor next to her bed.

She said he asked her if he could kiss her, and added: "I didn't really answer but I don't remember agreeing."

She told the court: "He lifted me up and put me on my bed. He lifted my feet up. He sat on me, he started kissing me.

"I hugged him because he was trying to take my clothes off, I was trying to stop him, that's why I was hugging him."

She said that as he started to remove her clothes, he covered her face, which she found "quite scary".

The woman denied being happy about what was happening and said it was not voluntary, adding: "He was laughing at me because I felt embarrassed."

She said: "I have screamed, he puts his hand on my mouth, he does cover my nose and mouth."

Robinson denies sexual intercourse took place and denies both charges. The trial continues.