SUNSHINE, warm temperatures and blue skies. These three things are not traditionally linked to bank holidays in Britain.

But residents across the country got lucky this weekend.

Basingstoke residents took to Eastrop and War Memorial Park on Sunday to make the most of the pleasant climes.

It comes as the government recently changed lockdown guidance to permit the public to spend as much time outdoors as desired - provided they stay more than two metres apart from those who aren't within the same households.

New rules mean for the first time in weeks, people can now socialise with one other person outside their household too - creating the opportunity for mini reunions with families and friends.

The second phrase of the lockdown period is due to start on June 1 "at the earliest" and will see the reopening of some shops and schools in Basingstoke.

The next review of restrictions is due to take place this week with a decision expected around May 28.

There is no guarantee the country will enter the next stage of lockdown as this is fully dependent on the current alert level and fulfilment of the five tests outlined by the Government earlier this month.