HAMPSHIRE police received a call from residents this morning that a group of young boys were seen on the roof of Bishop Challoner Secondary School yesterday afternoon.

A resident has caught youths on camera as they stand on top of a roof at Bishop Challoner Secondary School in Basingstoke last night.

Two youths dressed in black and grey were spotted around 4.30pm on May 21 on top of the school building, with their backs turned against the camera.

Residents expressed mixed views about the youths antics on Spotted South Ham Facebook page.

One person commented: "Just damaging the roof of my kids and friends kids senior school which we have to pay for as it’s a catholic school and not funded like other schools."

Another wrote: "The same lot were climbing on top of the changing rooms by the netball courts at Russel Howard Park then we saw them again on their bikes at kings road shops."

Someone else said: "And........They aren't hurting anyone but themselves, leave them to it and mind your business."

A spokesperon from Hampshire Constabulary said: "We received a report this morning (May 22) at 11.24am that a group of young boys on the roof of Bishop Challoner School yesterday (May 21) at around 4.30.pm."

The Gazette has contacted Bishop Challoner Secondary School for comment.