TADLEY residents are up in arms over losing Wolverton Children's playing field.

The applicant, Sir George Brown Charity, has submitted a plan to build five residential units on the land.

The playground site is rented from the charity by Baughurst Parish Council.

Residents are concerned that the site is the only publicly accessible play and open space in Wolverton Common.

Loss of part of the green space would result in an increased deficit in provision for the surrounding villages of Wolverton and Townsend.

The playground is approximately 0.2 hectares and is currently laid out with playground equipment and kickabout space.

Resident, Graham Appleton said: "I object to houses being built in this area of natural woodland and wildlife. The road is narrow, full of potholes and unsuitable for extra traffic, especially in the winter months. 

"More traffic would make getting out of the car park even more dangerous than it already is. I enjoy walking quietly in nature and feel there are better places to build houses."

Candy Millar vented her frustrations on the Spotted Tadley Facebook page.

She wrote: "If you haven't already, please object and save Wolverton Children's playing field.

"What will be lost if we do not act now?

"If you value the rural playground in Wolverton, please use your vote and object now to the crazy planning application to cram five houses into half of the recreation field in Wolverton Common.

"Children’s much needed green area for run around activities will be lost. There will be no space for ball games, picnics, and open play in this safe and secure environment.

"How is parking going to work?! It’s not possible to live in this area without a car.

"There will be a minimum of five residents' vehicles, probably 10-12, which will overflow into the playground car park. There will be no space for any dog walkers or mums with kids."

You can have your say on the planning application by going to https://planning.basingstoke.gov.uk/online-applications/ and search for the planning reference code 20/00899/PIP.