MOTORISTS in the South East saw the highest number of speeding offences of any region in the country in 2019.

Data obtained by Freedom of Information requests showed that police forces across the region reported nearly 400,000 speeding offences in the calendar year.

This included one driver in the Thames Valley being clocked at a massive 115 miles per hour in a 30mph zone.

And in Hampshire, cops caught one driver doing 35mph in a 20mph zone.

The highest speed recorded in 2019 was 158mph, witnessed by Surrey Police on a 70mph road.

Across the country, nearly 2.5 million drivers were caught speeding last year, up seven per cent from 2018.

It comes as research shows that 44 per cent of speed cameras are turned on either permanently or temporarily.

They add that there is some misunderstanding amongst motorists, with one in three believing they are less likely to be caught during lockdown.

The minimum fine for speeding is £100.

According to’s research, more than a quarter of drivers (27%) say they don’t know if they can get away with driving 10% above the speed limit.