Police are investigating after a motorist failed to stop after hitting a dog.

The incident happened on Silk Mill Lane in Overton on Sunday, at around 3.25pm.

The motorist has been described as a middle-aged man with light, brown hair. He was driving a vintage car that was purple in colour.

The dog received horrific injuries and died.

The pet's owners have been left "broken" by the incident and are urging the driver to hand himself in so they can get closure.

The owners, who have request to remain anonymous, described the incident on Sunday where they tucked themselves into the nettles as the car approached them.

The little dog was on a tight lead and was held between his owner’s legs.  The dog became spooked and was hit by the car.

The owner said: "As the car passed us, I turned around and saw the back wheels go over the dog. The car was far too close to us. My wife was screaming. He [the driver] drove up about 15 yards further. I thought he was returning to help but he point-blank refused.

He continued: "I asked him if he could take us to ours so we could rush the dog to the vets. He didn't even have the decency to get out of the car."

"I wish he had stopped. There is no such thing as an accident. There is always a cause. At the end of the day, you don't just drive off after hitting something. The dog received horrific injuries. It wouldn't have changed anything but it would have been less upsetting if he at least offered to help. It's despicable."

As the motorist drove off further along the lane, a witness in a second car pulled in to let the suspect pass. The witness then continued down the lane before pulling over to assist the family after realising something was wrong.

Unfortunately, the dog did not make it and passed away from its injuries.

Its owner said they would appeal for the driver to hand himself in so the family can get closure.

He said: "If the driver hasn't been contacted by police by the time this article comes out, then he should hand himself in. This has been horrific. Failing to stop is a crime. That could have been a child. He should not be on the road.

“Please can the driver or passengers of the vehicle contact the police so we can get closure.”

The family have thanked residents in Winchester Street in Overton for helping with their appeal though heartbreakingly said they have endured some abuse on social media from people who have made cruel comments.

"Our dogs are always kept on tight leads at all times," the owner said.

The family have urged people not to make assumptions about who the driver could be after two men were mistakenly linked to the accident.

The owner of a red Austin in Winchester Street was wrongly identified. The dog's owner say he had been very helpful with their appeal.

Hamsphire Constabulary has been contacted for comment. 

Under the 1988 Road Traffic Act, the penalty for failing to stop and/or report hitting an animal falls in the same category as failing to stop in a regular traffic collision, which carries a maximum fine of £5,000.