THIS is the photo of a man who was reportedly seen snooping outside a couple’s home in the early hours of the morning for more than two hours, before returning again six weeks later to do the same.

Rachel Coopland said the incidents have left her feeling “violated” after images from her doorbell show him peering through windows into her home while she was watching television in her dressing gown, however the police have said there is nothing they can do because he hasn’t committed a crime.

The 51-year-old, of Sheppard Road, Cranbourne, said the first incident happened on February 26, the night she was due to go away on holiday.

She said: “We were going for a long weekend and were leaving at 4am. My husband went to bed and I said I would get ready downstairs and stay up. I was downstairs watching TV getting ready. We have got shutters and they weren’t completely closed. I went out the back, it must have been about 2.30am, and I went into the back garden and I heard a noise. It freaked me out and I thought there’s someone there.”

Rachel looked through footage from her ring bell and was shocked to see a man hanging around outside her home from 1.30am, peering through windows for more than two hours.

“It was awful,” she said, adding: “It was really unsettling. The one place you expect to be safe is in your own home, and he was sat there looking in for at least two hours and would have been able to see me.”

Rachel, a nail technician, reported the matter to the police but was told they couldn’t do anything because the man hadn’t broken any laws.

She added: “I was just starting to feel comfortable again and then he came back.”

Unable to sleep, Rachel was watching TV downstairs at around 12am On March 22 when she noticed a motion on the ring doorbell. When she went to investigate, she discovered the same man was back and peering through her windows again.

She believes he left when he saw her come to the door. She reported the incident to the police, but was again told there was little they could do other than disperse him if they saw him themselves.

They did, however, advise her to call 999 if it happens again and she is aware of it at the time.

She was also advised that police would increase patrols in the area.

Rachel said: “I appreciate that the police can’t do anything but it’s a violation of being in your home and not feeling safe. It feels awful. It annoys me that someone feels they have the right to do that, especially at the moment we are in a lockdown situation which is stressful and then there’s someone making me feel anxious and uncomfortable in my own home.”

Hampshire Constabulary confirmed it received both reports of the incidents, adding: “The victim has been given crime prevention advice”.