Lockdown can get the better of even the best of us at times.

From snapping at your partner over unwashed dishes, to kids leaving their toys laying about, at times the outside world has never looked so sweet.

And for Basingstoke mum Victoria Pickup, going from barely seeing her husband Simon to suddenly being together all the time has certainly come with its up and downs.

“I found it quite strange that the days would vary so much in terms of the emotional output,” she said.

“One day I’d be so thrilled to have my brood under one roof, the next I’d be anxious, irritable and flapping about home-schooling, swiftly followed by feelings of guilt – after all, there are many people experiencing far greater levels of stress in isolation.”

Basingstoke Gazette:

And that’s when she came up with an idea.

A poet herself, she often takes inspiration from everyday issues surrounding family and relationships.

And out of that came ‘Marriage in Isolation’.

“In all situations, I find that writing really helps me consolidate my feelings and retain a sense of humour,” she added.

“If I can write something that others can relate to, and manage to raise a smile in the process, then I couldn’t be happier.


“So, what better way to express all of that and reach out to others in the same boat than to write a poem.

“I Posted on my YouTube channel ‘PickupPoems’ and got a great reception from others saying they felt the same, which has been really encouraging.”

The poem talks about everything from being made breakfast, to daily walks, to unwanted advice and living with your partner, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for up to a year.