A SICK paedophile first reported to police more than a decade ago is still at large because the authorities have continually failed to act, the Gazette can reveal.

The twisted abuser, who preyed on his young step-daughter, is still walking the streets freely because Hampshire Constabulary have never arrested him - despite his victim first reporting him in 2003.

The brave youngster told Basingstoke police about how her step-father had been sexually assaulting her throughout her childhood but they chose not to act.

The woman, who is 33, plucked up the courage to report him again in 2018 but learnt officers had lost vital evidence, including her original report.

And now she has been dealt a further blow after learning the case against him has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic - the officer in charge is “self-isolating”.

Hampshire Constabulary said it cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.

The situation has left the victim in turmoil as this year marks 17 years since she first reported her abuser.

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